Achievements since our 2012 Gold Award

Achievements Since our 2012 Gold Award

  • Christina Miller Research Fellowships were established to develop new independent research with a view to raising external research funding for individuals to conduct research and to establish an independent academic career (2016)
  • A visit from Annabelle Ewing MSP, Minister for Youth and Women's Employment, to celebrate international Women's Day (2016)
  • An increase in outreach activities for the International Year of Light (2015)
  • Arcadia Nursery opened across the road from the Joseph Black School of Chemistry at the King's Buildings Campus (2014)
  • An increase in outreach activities for the School tercentenary (2013)
  • The Royal Society Rosalind Franklin Award was awarded to Professor Polly Arnold (2012) and used to produce the film and book, 'A Chemical Imbalance', about women in science (2013)
  • The EDG, formerly known as the Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Committee (SAT), expanded its remit to tackle all major E&D topics in the School in addition to gender equality (2012)