Responsible Committees

The Equality and Diversity Group (EDG)

The Schools Equality and Diversity Group (EDG) is the proactive committee established to monitor, implement, and promote E&D in the School of Chemistry, The University of Edinburgh and in the wider Community. The EDG gathers the information required to renew our AS Award and meets quarterly to discuss these data. The EDG presents all E&D data to the School Committees so that actions are implemented efficiently.

EDG Members

The EDG is a diverse committee of staff (research and academic) and students (undergraduate and postgraduate, taught and research).

The committee members cover a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. These include dual-career families and partnerships (the partner does not necessarily have a STEMM background), balancing home responsibilities and work (part-time or flexible working hours), experience in the promotions process within the School of Chemistry, experience in other academic institutions and industries in the UK and internationally, and covers all levels and responsibilities in the department (undergraduate to senior levels).

Diversity in the committee is key to fair representation in the School. All new members are welcome to join.