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Safety and Sustainability

This site contains essential information with which you should be familiar, e.g. the contents of the Safety Handbook. It also contains useful information and downloadable forms that should help you design your experiments.

"As Head of School I am responsible for overall Health ands Safety Management in the School. I am committed to ensuring that there is a safe and healthy working environment for everyone. To achieve this I require that all members of the school take their own safety and that of their colleagues and visitors seriously. It is important that you take time to carefully read the safety handbook and be aware of safe working practice and your responsibilities."

Professor Colin Pulham September 2017

Safety Handbook

  • Required reading for all staff and students.
  • Please make sure to return the electronic form.

Downloadable Forms

  • Forms, including the risk assessment form, required on a regular basis for working within the School.

Safety Lecture

This is presented twice per year and all staff and students must attend this at least once a year.

Additional Information

  • Departmental First Aiders
  • Fire Stewards
  • Health and Safety Essentials - An online laboratory health and safety training resource aimed primarily at providing postgraduate students and university researchers with the basic knowledge needed to work safely in a chemical laboratory.
  • Health and safety essentials is intended to complement the school's health and safety guidance which should be adhered to at all times.This resource has been developed form existing good practice guides produced by the Royal Society of Chemistry and materials supplied by UK university chemistry departments.