The Chemistry of Food

This year we will offer Chemistry's first evening class: The Chemistry of Food. We hope that this will be of interest to those with a combined curiosity on eating and science that want to learn more.

More and more people are becoming interested in the origins of what they eat, and how to improve the dishes they produce at home, as the steadily increasing number of television programmes focussed on food has shown. Our class aims to introduce some of the basic chemistry behind some well-known products and methods, covering a diverse range of topics from brewing to chocolate making, passing through molecular gastronomy and alternative cooking techniques.

While not intended to provide a comprehensive introduction to food science, we hope that participants will develop a basic appreciation of chemistry, while also developing extra knowledge around the food they eat. In fact, neither of us (the tutors) have a background in food science, but are both fond of eating and cooking!

Our sessions are intended to be highly accessible, requiring no previous chemistry knowledge. At the same time, the course is intended to be very hands-on, with a wide number of practical examples and even tips for "improving" your home-cooking (and perhaps some recipes you might not want to try again)! All are welcome, so if you know (or are) a foody with a leaning towards chemistry, why not give us a try?

James Cumby and Angel Arevalo Lopez

Chemistry of Food Tutors

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