Burns Supper and Ceilidh

ChemSoc and School Tercentenary Burns Supper and Ceilidh plus optional informal tour of the Department.

Robert Burns - in a labcoat!

Saturday 26 January at 7pm in South Hall, Pollock Halls

Do you remember the fun of your ChemSoc Burns Suppers in the days of auld lang syne as a student here at Edinburgh? Whilst we cannot promise a re-enactment of the thrills and spills of the ChemSoC Burns Supper of your youth, we are inviting you to return and participate in our very special Tercentenary Burns Supper which will launch our Tercentenary celebrations of 2013.

With contributions from local Chemists Paul Murray, Colin Campbell, Eleanor Campbell, Beil Robertson, Lesley Yellowlees and Colin Pulham we hope there will be some familiar faces and stories which will take you back in time but also new experiences to get you up to speed with the School???s current developments, staff and students.

If you have some auld acquaintances which you would like to bring to mind??? Why not use it as an opportunity to bring your year group together? We will be offering an informal visit and tour of the department in the afternoon, so please indicate if you would like to participate in this when you???re booking your ticket. A great opportunity to take a trip down memory lane! If you need help in trying to contact members of your year group please contact Chemistry.300@ed.ac.uk

We look forward to seeing you on the 26th!

Students and staff at last year's ceilidh

Booking and Accommodation

If you are coming along and need overnight accommodation, why not take advantage of the 15% Alumni discount on Edinburgh First???s B&B accommodation at Pollock Halls and elsewhere in the city?

To secure your discount, please call 0131 651 2007 to book and make sure you mention the discount to the sales team.