Assessment Information

Courses in Chemistry are assessed by a variety of ways, including end of course assessment, assessment of laboratory work, and continuous assessment.

In general, courses which have a laboratory component require students to achieve a pass (>40%) in the laboratory component to pass the course. Pass marks for all courses is 40% overall.

In 2020/21, the end of course assessment, normally conducted by in-exam-hall assessments will differ because of COVID-19. December exams for pre-honours students will be held remotely, meaning that students will be able to sit a paper anywhere (in Edinburgh or at home, in the UK or abroad, with each exam being available for 24 hours. The format of these exam papers will be similar to the problem solving aspects of past exam papers, linked below. For May exams, information is not yet available regarding the format, but regardless of whether they are held remotely or in-person in an exam hall, they will be open-book in nature. Details of what this means, and guidance for what can be used in the event of hosting in-person exams will be shared with students.

Special Circumstances

If your ability to study and complete assessments is affected by something out of your control, such as illness, then you can apply to have these Special Circumstances taken into account by the Board of Examiners. You can find information about the Special Circumstances policy and procedures at the link below. The application process involves completing the Special Circumstances Form (also linked below) and providing evidence to support your application. If you feel that your studies are being affected by Special Circumstances at any time, you should contact your Personal Tutor to discuss these, and they will help you to gather evidence and submit the application.

Please remember that you can discuss any problems (academic, wellbeing, and so on) with your Personal Tutor in confidence, and that they can provide advice and signpost you to a variety of support services. If you are unsure whether your situation is appropriate for a Special Circumstances application, your Personal Tutor will be able to advise you.