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Inaugural Lecture: Professor Philip Camp

Thursday, September 20, 2018 - 17:15
Lecture Theatre 250

Finding Order in Liquids

Join us for Professor Philip Camp's inaugural lecture.


Countless chemical reactions occur in liquids, whether in the laboratory, in living organisms, or in the environment. Many physical and engineering processes rely on the flow properties of liquids. In order to design and synthesise new liquids with desirable properties (and to understand old ones!), one must be able to link the observable physical and chemical behaviour with the structural organisation and dynamics of the constituent molecules. To this end, computer simulations and other theoretical approaches yield unique insights on the molecular-scale structure and dynamics in liquids. In this lecture, Professor Camp will describe various examples of order in liquids, how these are studied theoretically, and the substantial effects on observable physical phenomena, including those underpinning industrial applications.

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