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Advanced Higher Practical Days

School pupils get a taste of using our teaching labs
School pupil in our teaching labs

The school of chemistry welcomed 130 new Advanced Higher chemistry students from 11 different schools to our labs between the 15th and 30th June 2016. The students (and their teachers) worked on a variety of experiments to get their practical chemistry skills off to a great start.

Well done to all, and good luck when the new school year starts!

What the pupils said:

"I have learnt how to do recrystallization, quick titrations, gravimetric analysis, using the heating apparatus."

"I've become a lot more familiar with how to use various pieces of equipment."

"I've learnt what it is like to actually spend time in a lab."

"Working in a lab can be fun but also hard work."

What the teachers said

"A fantastic opportunity for all our S6 students"

"Students enjoy the whole university experience"

"Great to get into the labs again! Technician was amazing!"

Tuesday, August 9, 2016