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Chemical Physics Public Engagement Success

Undergraduate team brings chemical physics to the public
The Chemical Physics Student Leaders

The Chemical Physics Student Leaders team contributed to two School of Chemistry events in 2016 - the annual Doors Open Day in September and the Chemical Physics 50th Anniversary celebration on 15th October 2016. The team hopes to involve more undergraduate students in future years.

Chemical Physics Student Leaders is an Edinburgh Award scheme established in March 2016 by Dr Andrew Alexander. It brings together an enthusiastic group of undergraduate students who are interested in popularising Chemical Physics ideas to members of the public as well as in building a better Chemical Physics community within the University of Edinburgh.

It has been an enormous privilege and fun to work with this great group of students. Their enthusiasm for the project and the obvious joy with which they have participated has been truly inspirational and has greatly impressed the members of the public and alumni that they have engaged with.

Prof. Eleanor Campbell, Award Leader


Monday, January 16, 2017