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Chemistry in Focus: First Video

Focus on: Lubricants under Pressure
Lubricants under pressure thumbnail

Chemistry in Focus (Sofia Bariami, Iain Prentice, Kyle Acheson, Johanna Rademacher, Angie Mat’usová, and Dr. Antonia Mey) are delighted to share their first video showcasing some of the exciting work being done by PhD students in the School of Chemistry.

The video features Iain Prentice’s work on the high-pressure behaviour of lubricants in collaboration with the Pulham Group at Edinburgh and BP, which was recently published in the Journal of Chemical Physics. The paper is a combined experimental and simulation study of the structure, dynamics, and thermodynamics of model lubricant base oils at a range of different pressures.

By making the video, not only did we show off Iain’s research work, but we also had a lot of fun doing it. Working together helped us bond with each other, we acquired new video filming and editing skills, and we also improved our teamwork and collaboration skills. We are keen to continue highlighting the amazing work in the School, and new ideas and collaborations are always welcome.

Sofia Bariami

Thursday, October 22, 2020