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Dancing Light Workshops at Midlothian Science Festival

Children discover the wonder of light through dance
Children dancing in a purple and blue room

We had two sold-out workshops at the Midlothian Science Festival last week. Lots and lots of fun was had dancing with ???photons??? and learning about what makes up white light. The ribbons were a hit and we had some wonderful ribbon dances! What is there not to love about ribbons!? At the end we played the parachute game with a true and false quiz to find out what we had learned about light.

Thanks to our volunteers and the Midlothian Science Festival organisers for such a great event.

Roberta Beakbane is a professional choreographer and dancer (MSc Somatic Psychotherapy). More details about Roberta???s work can be found on her website.

Children dancing and the Dancing Light team
Thursday, October 22, 2015