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Edinburgh Alumnus Elected FLAIR Fellow

Dr Clint Veale recognised for cancer research
Dr Clint Veale

Congratulations to Dr Clint Veale, who has been announced as a recipient of a 2020 FLAIR Fellowship. Dr Veale studied for an MSc in Medicinal and Biological Chemistry and graduated from the School of Chemistry in 2010.

Cancer treatments, which target and inhibit particular cellular functions, are ineffectual in Triple Negative Breast Cancers which disproportionately affect African women – meaning they have to rely on less effective, higher side effect treatments. Dr Veale's research focuses on finding alternative targets for inhibitor drugs that can help women for whom these standard cancer treatments are ineffectual.

The FLAIR scheme supports African researchers to develop into science leaders while establishing independent research careers on the continent. It helps African researchers to address today’s global challenges in ways that are relevant to the needs of their countries. Researchers are drawn from diverse African countries including Sudan, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Cameroon, Uganda, South Africa and Ghana.

I am thankful to the African Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society for this wonderful opportunity to build on the ongoing collaboration with Dr David Clarke in the School of Chemistry and further to establish innovative drug discovery platforms in South Africa

Dr Clint Veale

Dr Veale works closely with Dr David Clarke, building links between our two universities through their collaborative research.

I'm delighted to hear that Clint has been awarded the prestigious Royal Society FLAIR fellowship. This new funding will allow us to expand our ongoing collaborative research and facilitate research visits between the Universities of Edinburgh and KwaZulu-Natal over the next 2 years.

Dr David Clarke, School of Chemistry

Wednesday, May 20, 2020