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Evelyn Ebsworth Symposium 2016

Event held in honour of the first holder of the Crum Brown Chair
At the dinner after the symposium

The School recently held a symposium and dinner in memory of Evelyn Ebsworth.

Professor Ebsworth was a huge presence during his time at the School and many of our alumni will have fond memories of him.

The symposium featured two external speakers with particularly close links to Evelyn. His grandson Alistair Overy, who is currently studying for a DPhil in Chemistry at the University of Oxford, gave a lecture entitled "Disorder-phonon coupling in crystal-like aperiodic solids".

I started my DPhil in Chemistry in 2014 in large part due to the encouragement of my grandfather, Prof. Evelyn Ebsworth. I clearly remember discussing my future in chemistry with him midway through my Masters course in organic chemistry. I was extremely keen to continue research, however I was also realising that experimental chemistry wasn't for me.

It was upon his suggestion of a complete change of scene, to something more analytical, that the idea of a DPhil in computational chemistry really took hold. I subsequently began research in X-ray crystallography, specifically investigating correlated disorder; the middle ground between the perfect order found in crystals and the amorphous state present in glass. I am currently working towards linking this disorder to new and exciting properties that are not possible in ordered crystals, such as materials that can covert waste heat energy into electricity.

Alistair Overy

Professor Robin Perutz, of the University of York, who was a University Demonstrator (independent early career fellow) from 1975-77 under Evelyn's guidance, also gave a lecture.

The event was a great way to celebrate Professor Ebsworth's wonderful scientific and personal legacy.

The speakers at the symposium
Wednesday, June 22, 2016