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Evenings of Enlightenment at Summerhall

Light took centre stage in a series of public talks
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During May and June we have been celebrating research within the College of Science and Engineering that is linked to light as part of our International Year of Light 2015 events.

We were lucky to have a fantastic programme of talks, covering topics such as the future of solar power in Scotland to the mathematics of black holes! Each Wednesday evening at 6.30pm in the Red Lecture Theatre at Summerhall our specialists enlightened us with their topic of research.

Our full programme is below. For more information about the talks and speakers please go to our dedicated Evenings of Enlightenment website.

  • 6th May, Dr Beth Biller (Royal Observatory Edinburgh)
    • Weird New Worlds around Other Stars
  • 13th May, Dr Chris Mowat (School of Chemistry)
    • Illuminating the Invisible: The X-Ray Revolution
  • 20th May, Dr Neil Robertson (School of Chemistry)
    • Solar Energy in Scotland ??? A New Dawn?
  • 27th May, Stefan Galander (Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology)
    • You light up my life ??? how organisms sense light and what they can do with it
  • 4th June, Dr Joan Simon (School of Mathematics)
    • Black holes: the singular marriage between Quantum Mechanics & General Relativity through information
  • 10th June, 6pm, Science on a Summer's Evening lecture
    • The College of Science and Engineering presents an evening celebration of two distinctive research areas including public lectures, displays and interactive activities, as well as live music from the Science Ceilidh Band.
Wednesday, June 17, 2015