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International Year of Light Ceilidh

An exciting finale to our IYL activities
The ceilidh team at the event

On the 5th December a team of scientists and an award winning science ceilidh band collaborated to deliver a fantastic, light themed science ceilidh.

Diligent work behind the scenes was evident in the glittering transformation of the hall and the adventurous new dances. We put our guests through their paces with challenging routines to explain some complex scientific principles - yet each dance looked fantastic!

The evening got off to a sparkling start with a prism dance to demonstrate the dispersion of light, with attendees tasked had to arrange themselves using their glowstick colour to leave our prism - whilst never stopping dancing! Over the course of the evening a myriad range of other dances took place - exploring the hidden chemistry in a LCD display, displaying how the colour of light can affect the outcome of a chemical reaction, and revealing how light can be used to sense lung diseases.

The dancing in full swing

The evening culminated in the explosive CumberSun Eightsome Reel, letting people explore the life of the sun as they flung each other around the dance floor, followed by the traditional Auld Lang Syne. Face paints, glow sticks, and a hugely enthusiastic crowd under the UV lights made for a magical, enchanting, and above all illuminating ceilidh!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016