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Major Funding Boost Granted for Proteus

Proteus has been granted a major funding boost worth £3.8M
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A Proteus project led by Professor Mark Bradley has secured additional funding worth more than £11M for three Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Interdisciplinary Research Collaborations (IRCs) – Proteus, SPHERE and I-Sense.

Since receiving the initial £9.5 million EPSRC IRC grant in October 2013, Proteus has designed and constructed fully integrated multi-colour imaging platforms, which in combination with novel optical fibres and new detectors allow sensing, imaging and therapeutic interventions deep in the human lung.

The next steps for the Proteus team are to take our technology into a new area in which different flavours of light can be used to diagnose disease, using the teams’ highly advanced light sensors that are able to count a single photon.

Proteus Director, Professor Mark Bradley, said: “We will bring together components and integrate them into a system that provides unprecedented sensitivity and specificity for disease diagnosis and therapy monitoring."

Proteus will continue to be led by the University of Edinburgh with the team coming from the three founder institutions: the University of Edinburgh, the University of Bath and Heriot Watt University.

When partner funding is included, almost £14 million is being invested in the three IRCs. The three IRCs were initially established in 2013 with a £32 million investment by EPSRC. The IRCs Next Steps funding will support activities at the IRCs following the end of their current grants, in September 2018.

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Friday, December 8, 2017