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Researcher Mobility Grant Awards

5 students awarded prestigious RSC prize
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Congratulations to our 5 international stars who have all been awarded prestigious, competitive RSC Researcher Mobility Grants to spend time in collaborating labs around the world.

Andrew Bage, from the Thomas group is going to Prof. Frederic Fontaine’s group at the University of Laval, Quebec City, Canada. Ellie Tanaka from the Robertson group is going to Toin University of Yokohama to work with Tsutomu Miyasaka. Weronika Gruszka, from the Garden group, is going to Cornell University to work with Professor Geoffrey Coates. Shona Richardson, from the Campopiano group, is going to Monash University in Melbourne to work with Professor Max Cryle, who visited us in Edinburgh in September 2019. Jianzhu Wang, from the Lusby group, will study with Donald Hilvert's group at ETH Zurich

The Researcher Mobility Grants supports PhD students and early career researchers working in either academia or industry to undertake short to mid-term scientific visits to collaborators at overseas or UK organisations.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020