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Roche Continents 2019

PhD student Vera He gives an account of attending the recent Roche Continents event.
The attendees outside the opera house

After applying on the recommendation of Professor Alison Hulme, I was fortunate enough to be selected for the Roche Continents programme. As a PhD student in Atmospheric Chemistry, I enjoy both science and arts and this was a perfect opportunity for me to explore creativity and the innovation process in both disciplines.

Dr Christoph Franz, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Roche, also introduced the term "artist-scientist" to us. We watched an opera, attended percussion workshops, and had many meaningful discussions over the course of our stay, which all helped to broaden my mind. This broadening of perspective will help me tackle environmental problems more creatively in future.

What is Roche Continents?

Since 2007, Roche has invited top-talented students to experience a unique journey exploring sources of inspiration at the intersection of science and art, as well as the creative processes that drive innovation. Every year, 100 science and arts students from European institutions are brought together for Roche Continents to challenge the boundaries of their thinking around science, art and innovation.

Throughout the programme, students have the opportunity to engage with renowned scientists and artists, be exposed to provocative scientific research, listen to thought-provoking contemporary music concerts at the Salzburg Festival, interact with students from a variety of European institutions, and participate in workshops that will expose the parallels between the sciences and arts. For many, this is their first contact with the unusual auditory and visual experience of contemporary arts. This year's theme was 'Myths, data and me'.

Friday, September 27, 2019