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Silver Social Responsibility and Sustainability Award

School receives award for sustainable labs
Test tube on a pink background

The School of Chemistry has once again been recognised by attaining the Silver Award by the Social Responsibility and Sustainability Lab Awards. The School as a whole demonstrated excellent practices and a commitment to continue improving the sustainability performance of their labs. The team has focused tirelessly on creating wide-spread engagement of staff and students with sustainability through its range of initiatives and displaying materials.

Particularly impressive, is the collaboration with Stores to ensure an effective chemical and equipment recording system. As a best in practice example, it would be good to see such good practice shared with other labs. The creation of a model teaching lab, reflecting learnings from previous set ups and sustainability guidance is leading the way for other labs. 

The labs also demonstrate good practice in ensuring that equipment and lights are switched off when not in use. The development of a monthly checklist to encourage teams to undertake lab walk-arounds is another highlight, and commendation should be given to the school for initiating this. Overall the team have taken proactive steps to ensure sustainability is embedded where possible.

Commenting on the recent Silver award, Stewart Franklin said;

“It’s extremely pleasing to achieve the Silver labs award once again. Thanks to all who have helped over recent months, especially the labs who worked closely with me as part of the auditing process.  Sustainability is an increasingly important University commitment so it is vital we all continue to contribute to such initiatives going forward.  With that in mind, I’d be grateful for anyone who would like to be more involved to get in touch.”


Wednesday, January 9, 2019