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Social Media Awards Finalist

Researcher nominated in Young Leaders category.
Chris Haggarty-Weir

PhD student Chris Haggarty-Weir was recently nominated by one of his former students for the 2015 Malaria Social Media Awards in the Young Leaders category. He tells us about the awards and his research:

It was very touching and meant a lot to me to leave such an impression on a student that they would go out of their way to do this. Among the reasons for my nomination were my development of the social media for the World Federation of Parasitologists, which now has over 10 000 members, and my science communication on social media and Mostly which is mainly about parasitology.

I didn???t win, but being a finalist has further fuelled my ambition in promoting science, as well as maintaining my passion for working with talented students.

I would encourage all staff and students from the School of Chemistry to get involved with science communication, be it via social media, or even just taking the time to learn how to explain your research to non-scientists.

About Christopher

Christopher is a 3rd year joint Ph.D student split between the School of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Melbourne (Walter and Eliza Hall Institute). His doctoral research is focused on utilizing structural biology (NMR and crystallography) and biophysical methods to elucidate more about rational drug and vaccine development for the fight against malaria.

Monday, December 7, 2015