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Super-Resolution Imaging in Living Cells

New imaging technique reveals the inner workings of living cells
Diagram of the results of the new imaging technique

A research team including Dr Mathew Horrocks has recently published a paper detailing a new super-resolution imaging technique that allows scientists to track proteins inside living cells.

The LIVE-PAINT technique uses a very small fluorescent protein to tag proteins-of-interest. This approach minimises the effect of the fluorescent tag on the function of the protein, allowing the technique to provide new insights into the workings of live cells. This could lead to new insights into diseases such as motor neuron disease, ALS, and Alzheimer’s. It could also lead to new research into transmembrane proteins, which are a common drug target.

We are particularly pleased that the versatility of LIVE-PAINT and its straightforward implementation means that it will be accessible to many groups, not just specialists.

Dr Matthew Horrocks, School of Chemistry

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Monday, August 24, 2020