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Workshop in Partnership with Nagoya University

Event will strengthen existing links between two universities
Staff from Nagoya and Edinburgh Universities in Edinburgh

The ‘New Horizons in Chemistry and Materials Science’ workshop will be hosted at Nagoya University from July 1st-3rd 2019 and will be attended by around 30 academics, post-doctoral researchers, and PhD students from the University of Edinburgh, alongside delegates from Nagoya University and others from Kyoto and Tokyo Universities, as well as from the National Taiwan University.

The workshop is the result of an EPSRC-JSPS Core-to-Core grant awarded to Prof. Paul Attfield FRS in the School of Chemistry. The subject of the grant is ‘Solid-state chemistry for transition-metal oxides: Exploring for new materials with novel functionalities’. In addition to Prof. Attfield’s Japanese collaborations, Prof. Neil Robertson has a long-standing collaboration with Prof. Kunio Awaga at Nagoya University in the area of materials chemistry.

This is the first joint workshop involving chemists from Edinburgh and Nagoya, and the aim is to deepen collaboration between the institutions by bringing researchers with complementary expertise and interests together in one place. This will build upon the good relationship between the School of Chemistry and Nagoya University, with the aim of bringing added value to our undergraduate student exchange programme. Every year one or two of our final year MChem students undertake a year abroad placement at Nagoya University, and it is our aim that this exchange partnership can help to nurture collaborative projects between our two universities. This internationalisation of the undergraduate degree experience is something that we are very keen to encourage due to the benefits for students who take part.

We also have an Edinburgh-Nagoya Joint PhD programme. Taken as a whole, the workshop and the activities of those involved demonstrate the value of having excellent global partners like Nagoya University, and the benefits afforded to students and staff as a result.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019