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A National Network for Applications of High-Field NMR in the Life and Physical Sciences

Opening Symposium Programme

Time: 14.05 – 14.20
Speaker: Prof Dušan Uhrín
Affiliation: University of Edinburgh
Talk Title: Introduction to the Scottish High-Field NMR (SHF NMR) Centre

Time: 14.20 – 14.40
Speaker: Mr Scott Jarmusch
Affiliation: University of Aberdeen
Talk Title: Class II lasso peptides from extremotolerant Streptomyces sp.

Tiny Tots Science

Our chemists will be joining this day to help make giant bubbles, explore the world around us with magnifying glasses and getting messy with non-Newtonian fluids aka cornflour mix! There will also be a Teddy Bear hospital to teach you how to keep you (and teddy’s!) body strong and healthy.

Doors Open Day

As part of the city-wide Doors Open Day weekend we will be opening the doors of Joseph Black and welcoming you in to the School of Chemistry. There will be tours all day, leaving on the hour and lots of hands on activities to learn about the chemistry that happens in our building. We will of course also be making our legendary ice cream freshly made in front of your eyes with liquid nitrogen!

A stall at last year's doors open day

Edinburgh International Science Festival – Drop-in Activities

Join our chemists on a space journey to Planet X, where together we will establish a Space Lab!

Discover what materials/technologies are needed to build and power a chemistry laboratory on another planet, and get hands-on with analysis of this alien environment using real chemistry experiments. You will have the chance to characterise soil, water and atmospheric samples as well as looking under the microscope to observe living (alien?) cells.


Operation Isolate

This Saturday afternoon (28th) come to Operation Isolate - a science-themed horror maze at the Joseph Black Building. Find out why the school of chemistry has been quarantined, and if there's anyone still alive in there...