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Doors Open Day

As part of the city-wide Doors Open Day weekend we will be opening the doors of Joseph Black and welcoming you in to the School of Chemistry. There will be tours all day, leaving on the hour and lots of hands on activities to learn about the chemistry that happens in our building. We will of course also be making our legendary ice cream freshly made in front of your eyes with liquid nitrogen!

A stall at last year's doors open day

Edinburgh International Science Festival – Drop-in Activities

Join our chemists on a space journey to Planet X, where together we will establish a Space Lab!

Discover what materials/technologies are needed to build and power a chemistry laboratory on another planet, and get hands-on with analysis of this alien environment using real chemistry experiments. You will have the chance to characterise soil, water and atmospheric samples as well as looking under the microscope to observe living (alien?) cells.


Operation Isolate

This Saturday afternoon (28th) come to Operation Isolate - a science-themed horror maze at the Joseph Black Building. Find out why the school of chemistry has been quarantined, and if there's anyone still alive in there...

Science Treasure Hunt

Use the map to help navigate your way through Edinburgh’s scientific secrets and solve each clue. Fill in the answer box on the front. Completed entries can be submitted between 23rd September 2017 and 23rd October. All correct entries will be entered into a prize draw after the competition closing date. Don’t forget your #ScienceSelfies: tag us on twitter or instagram or send us an email for a chance to win bonus prizes!  

Kickstart Summer Workshop

This year the School of Chemistry will be running a spectroscopy-based workshop that will give S5 pupils studying in state schools in the Lothians and Dumfries and Galloway some insights into the research carried out here. They will have a chance to see our facilities and to use UV and IR spectrometers to help solve the structures of mystery molecules ...and possibly a murder!

Edinburgh 300: Cradle of Chemistry

This public exhibition in the Main Library in George Square is timed to coincide with the Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe. The exhibition will focus on key themes to illustrate the contribution our School has made to Chemistry: Cradle of Chemistry (how Edinburgh has shaped the world), Chemistry and Economy (how Chemistry has contributed to economy and policy), Chemistry and Discovery (significant discoveries and achievements).

Doors Open Day

Chemistry has been taught in the Joseph Black Building since 1922, making it the oldest building on the campus. Visitors will be able to take guided tours of the building which highlight the changes that have been made (and are being made!) to make the teaching and research that is carried out here more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Crystallography Matters!

Join University of Edinburgh researchers on Tuesday evenings in May and June to celebrate the 2014 International Year of Crystallography! Experts from a range of disciplines will explore the fascinating world of crystals, from historical discoveries to today???s cutting-edge research.