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Chocolate Alchemy at EISF

At this year???s Edinburgh International Science Festival the School of Chemistry will be delivering tasty workshops that explore the molecular structure of chocolate and how this affects its properties. When chocolate is melted and re-hardened it crystallises into a different molecular structure. We will carry out experiments to discover how these changes affect its texture and taste!

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School of Chemistry @ Midlothian Science Festival

The School of Chemistry is celebrating the International Year of Crystallography with a series of activities designed to give you a glimpse into this fascinating world. How are crystals made? How do we study them? Why are they so useful? We???ll be exploring how scientists look at the microscopic features of crystals and how they build up to form the structures we see all around us.

You???ll also get the chance to make your own crystals and examine them.

Evenings of Enlightenment

The evenings are getting lighter, and even lighter in the next few months with a special series of evening talks which will be ???shining the light??? on research at the University of Edinburgh!

Join our researchers at 6.30pm on Wednesday evenings in May and June to celebrate the 2015 International Year of Light! Experts from a range of disciplines will explore the fascinating world of light, from historical discoveries to today???s cutting-edge research.

Edinburgh International Science Festival

Shining a Light on the Brain

Prof. Polly Arnold will host the ???Shining a Light on the Brain??? event exploring current human brain research.

Optogenetics is an emerging tool for human brain research, but how does it work, and how can it be used in other medical applications? Could optogenetics change the future of brain disease? Could it be used for mind control and what are the ethical issues around its use?