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From Handwarmers to Heating Homes: Combating Fuel Poverty

Highly successful academic-industrial collaboration has resulted in the development of heat batteries that reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and the levels of fuel poverty in social housing. Chaired by Dr Siobhán Jordan from Interface, Prof. Colin Pulham, Head of the School of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh and Andrew Bissell, CEO of Sunamp, will present their work.

UK-China Newton Researchers Link Workshop

Under the Researcher Links scheme of the Newton Fund, the British Council and the National Science Foundation of China are sponsoring a workshop on the above theme in Shanghai, China on 14th – 16th June 2019.

The workshop will be coordinated by Prof Neil Robertson, Dr. Dan van der Horst, (University of Edinburgh), Prof Changying Zhao and Dr. Wenjun Ma (Shanghai Jiao Tong University China-UK Low-carbon College)

Postgraduate Virtual Open Day Sessions

Postgraduate Open Day poster showing Old College in Edinburgh

The School of Chemistry Postgraduate Virtual Open Day is a great opportunity to learn more about continuing your Chemistry education at Masters or PhD level. Programme Directors, current students and on-programme teams will be happy to answer any questions you may have about studying Masters & PhD study opportunities and the support we provide you during your studies.

International Evening

Time flies! Our next International Evening is almost upon us!

Alif Sussardi and Lavrentis Galanopoulos will showcase the Indonesian and Greek cultures, respectively! It will be a great chance for you to learn more about these countries and meet other undergrads and postgrads! We will also prepare a wide range selection of food, drinks, desserts and even coffee!


A National Network for Applications of High-Field NMR in the Life and Physical Sciences

Opening Symposium Programme

Time: 14.05 – 14.20
Speaker: Prof Dušan Uhrín
Affiliation: University of Edinburgh
Talk Title: Introduction to the Scottish High-Field NMR (SHF NMR) Centre

Time: 14.20 – 14.40
Speaker: Mr Scott Jarmusch
Affiliation: University of Aberdeen
Talk Title: Class II lasso peptides from extremotolerant Streptomyces sp.

MNova Course

The MNOVA course will be held on the 5th of December from 9.00 AM to 1.30 PM in the School of Chemistry, Edinburgh University (Lecture theatre T250).  If anyone wants to bring their laptop, the data shown will be available for you to load up so you can work through the training live with the Mestrelab representative, Dr Irakusne Lopez. Dr Lopez will stay in the afternoon to answer any questions you may have.


Session 1: 9.00 - 10.00

General intro to the software