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Nobel Prize for Edinburgh Alumnus

Professor Sir Fraser Stoddart, Professor Jean-Pierre Sauvage and Professor Bernard L Feringa have been awarded this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their work on molecular machines.

Professer Sir Fraser Stoddart studied Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh, receiving his undergraduate degree in 1964 and his PhD in 1966. He was also awarded a DSc degree by the University in 1980 for his research into stereochemistry beyond the molecule, was named Edinburgh's Alumnus of the Year in 2005 and knighted in 2006.

Bonds Across Generations

This month we are delighted to be welcoming our new intake of fresh faced students to the Joseph Black Building!

For generations, students in the School have known each other???s support both in the laboratory and social environment.  We are incredibly proud that our School is characterised by this strong cross-generational community and this year wondered if we could find a way to welcome and connect our new students with previous generations.