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Featured Publications

Bending Sea Shells

Research led by Dr. Fabio Nudelman from the School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh, has shown a new behaviour of a sea shell of the species Discinisca tenuis. This shell is very hard and stiff when dry, but when it absorbs water it becomes very flexible and can be folded in two without breaking. This work was a collaboration between scientists in UK, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, Italy and US.

Focus on: Computational Drug Design

Chemistry in Focus (Sofia Bariami, Iain Prentice, Kyle Acheson, Angie Mat’usová, and Dr. Antonia Mey) are excited to share their second video showcasing more of the exciting work being done by PhD students in the School of Chemistry. The video features Sofia Bariami’s work on developing force-fields for use in computational drug design in collaboration with the Cole Group at Newcastle, which was recently published in the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling.

First detailed look at how charge transfer distorts a molecule’s structure

Their research paper ‘Ultrafast X-ray scattering offers a structural view of excited-state charge transfer’ was recently published in the prestigious journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

Their study is the first to directly observe how a molecule’s structure changes as charge is redistributed, with some chemical bonds getting longer and some shorter, before finally relaxing back into its original state.

PhD Student's Paper Published in Chemistry, a European Journal

Shona Richardson, a postgraduate student from the Campopiano group, has had an article published in Chemistry, A European Journal.

The paper, titled "The Role of Early‐Career Chemists in European Policy‐Making", was written with help from the European Young Chemistry Network and the European Chemical Society. Their aim is to create a platform for early‐career chemists in policy advice.

Shona's research project is funded by the Derek Stewart Trust.