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International Year of Light

Alchemy and Mary, Queen of Scots at Museum Lates

He managed to bring chemistry to the Museum Lates crowd by linking the history of alchemy and chemistry with present day research and current challenges. Lots of excellent demonstrations, bangs and explosions kept everyone on the edge of their seat and he even made beer appear magically before our eyes.

Georg will be giving a Chemistry Christmas Lecture at the George Square Theatre on the 10th of December. All welcome.

Here are a few photos from the night:

Molecular Movie Shows Chemistry in Motion

A group of scientists including Dr Adam Kirrander have, for the first time, tracked ultrafast structural changes, captured in quadrillionths-of-a-second steps, as ring-shaped gas molecules burst open and unravel.

Ring-shaped molecules are abundant in biochemistry and also form the basis for many drug compounds. The study points the way to a wide range of real-time X-ray studies of gas-based chemical reactions that are vital to biological processes.

Sciennes Primary School Science Fair

Dr Alison Hulme and PhD students from the chemistry department joined a host of other scientists this weekend at the Sciennes Science Fair.

The science fair covered a wide range of subject areas; the keynote speaker was Dr Andrew Murray, an extreme athlete, who spoke about his experience running from John O???Groats to the Sahara. Classrooms were taken over by different sciences including neuroscience who were building cells, physics who were looking at bubbles and geosciences who were making edible earths.

Evenings of Enlightenment at Summerhall

During May and June we have been celebrating research within the College of Science and Engineering that is linked to light as part of our International Year of Light 2015 events.

We were lucky to have a fantastic programme of talks, covering topics such as the future of solar power in Scotland to the mathematics of black holes! Each Wednesday evening at 6.30pm in the Red Lecture Theatre at Summerhall our specialists enlightened us with their topic of research.

EISF 2015: Light Chemistry

From the 9th of April to the 13th of April, the School of Chemistry was part of the University of Edinburgh drop-in activities at the National Museum of Scotland. To celebrate the International Year of Light we looked at how light is used in chemistry!

We had a really fantastic team of enthusiastic chemistry PhD students to explain about fluorescence, phosphorescence, spectroscopy and light in chemistry.

EISF 2015: Dancing Light

During the festival we ran a dance and light movement workshop all about light! This workshop was for 8 to 13 year olds to learn about light and its properties.

They got to dance with ???photons??? and create different movements for the different wavelengths of light. Roberta Beakbane and PhD students in the School of Chemistry developed and delivered the workshop. We held workshops at both the Scottish Parliament and the National Museums of Scotland.

Dunbar Science Festival 2015

The Dunbar SciFest Family Weekend on Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 March, (10am-5pm) was a great success. The weekend delivered a packed programme of over 100 different events, including stage shows, workshops, drop-in sessions, storytelling and more.

The School of Chemistry was one of over 60 different organisations in Dunbar for the family weekend event. With 3,500 visitors over the two days the School of Chemistry team were kept incredibly busy!

International Year of Light Ceilidh

On the 5th December a team of scientists and an award winning science ceilidh band collaborated to deliver a fantastic, light themed science ceilidh.

Diligent work behind the scenes was evident in the glittering transformation of the hall and the adventurous new dances. We put our guests through their paces with challenging routines to explain some complex scientific principles - yet each dance looked fantastic!