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Analysing Water at School

As a part of The University of Edinburgh outreach and public engagement activities; I decided to share my experience of analysing the pH of a water sample with the students of the Libyan School in Edinburgh.

As a student of The University of Edinburgh this gave me an opportunity to volunteer and increased my experiential learning and has also benefited the pupils at the school, furthermore, it gave the school management and kids the impression that Edinburgh is a Learning City.

Midlothian Science Festival Schools Program

As part of the Midlothian Science Festival four PhD students, headed to Paradykes Primary school to run a "Fantastic Plastic" workshop with the p4 and p5 classes.

Loaded with hot plates, mini lab coats and enough corn starch, vinegar and glycerol to make several kilos of bio-polymer we arrived at Paradykes PS to a warm welcome.

The friendly and welcoming staff and the enthusiastic and engaged pupils made the day great fun! After their taste of hands on experiments hopefully there are now lots of budding chemists at Paradykes Primary!

Quentin Cooper Visit

As 3pm approached on Tuesday 22nd of November, a recognisable yet intriguing voice could be heard emanating from the museum of the Joseph Black Building.

Quentin Cooper was in the building!

The science journalist and facilitator known to most for his 14 years at the helm of Radio 4's Material World, was in Edinburgh to talk about how society can dispel the stereotypical images of scientists, as part of the Enlightenment Lecture series.

SIAS Rural Tour 2017

Last week, Ariana Jones and Hannah Levene set out to tour high schools in the Scottish Highlands in a car full of high-tech kit (value several times more than the car)!

Funded by the RSC Spectroscopy in A Suitcase programme and supported by the loan of a benchtop NMR by the School of Chemistry, they brought with them FT-IR, UV and benchtop NMR spectrometers to inspire high school students and to show them the wonders of spectroscopy.