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Make it Glow

The Solar Spark team from the School of Chemistry (Victoria Porley, Sergio Adan, Nikola Zotev, Ellie Tanaka) delivered the Make it Glow! workshop at Dalkeith Library and Lasswade Library as part of the Midlothian Science Festival.

A group of 8 to 12-year-olds enjoyed making their own artistically beautiful sunlight traps (luminescent solar concentrators), learned about the wonders of light and solar energy through a mini-lecture, and explored the glowing effects of their sunlight traps using different light sources.

Meadows Festival

A small team of dedicated public engagement scholars and PhD volunteers spent a lovely Sunday afternoon in the local park as a part of the hugely popular Meadows Festival on the 3rd of June. Under the university banner, our team had the chance to share their love for chemistry with visitors from all ages.

Sciennes Primary Fair

Our Public Engagement scholars Ellie and Nikola took the Space Lab activity to Sciennes Primary on the 26th of May, during the Year of Young People Summer Fair.

Children were thrilled to explore the "alien" biopolymer cells under the microscope, find about the soil properties on Planet X, and see how the alien bugs come alive when they see the sun.

Edinburgh International Science Festival 2018 Drop-in: Space Lab

Our brave team of demonstrators welcomed young explorers and their families to our Space Lab on Planet X. More than 2000 visitors over the course of 5 days set foot on this alien planet and explored its environment using real chemistry experiments. The explorers had the chance to use spectrometers, portable monitoring devices, microscopes and many other tools in the chemistry arsenal to characterise soil, "lava", water and atmospheric samples, as well as “alien” cells.