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Midlothian Science Festival

One dark and rainy October morning, eleven volunteers from the School of Chemistry ventured into the heart of Midlothian to bring exciting chemistry to the Science Gala Day at the Midlothian Science Festival. Visitors were able to make bags of polymer slime, learn about pollution and UV-visible spectroscopy, and have a go at making their own molecules. It was great to see visitors of all ages joining in, and even some of the other stall holders! 

Dunbar SciFest 2016

The School of Chemistry Public Engagement team headed over to Dunbar on the 5th and 6th March 2016, to take part in the Dunbar SciFest.

An early start was required to travel and get all set up by 10am to welcome the first visitors of the day. Happily, from the very start our slime production line was a hit, with an estimated bag of slime made every two minutes for 14 hours over the two days.

Edinburgh Science Festival

Green Chemistry was the theme of this year's Edinburgh Science Festival drop in sessions for the School of Chemistry, fitting in with the Science Festival's overall theme of Building Better Worlds.

Over the five days, we wanted to showcase research from the department as well as encouraging care for the environment. Our activities included the ever popular slime making, using molymod kits to model pollutants, UV-visible spectroscopy and testing biodegradability.

Advanced Higher Practical Days

The school of chemistry welcomed 130 new Advanced Higher chemistry students from 11 different schools to our labs between the 15th and 30th June 2016. The students (and their teachers) worked on a variety of experiments to get their practical chemistry skills off to a great start.

Well done to all, and good luck when the new school year starts!

What the pupils said:

"I have learnt how to do recrystallization, quick titrations, gravimetric analysis, using the heating apparatus."

Sciennes Primary School Science Fair

Dr Alison Hulme and PhD students from the chemistry department joined a host of other scientists this weekend at the Sciennes Science Fair.

The science fair covered a wide range of subject areas; the keynote speaker was Dr Andrew Murray, an extreme athlete, who spoke about his experience running from John O???Groats to the Sahara. Classrooms were taken over by different sciences including neuroscience who were building cells, physics who were looking at bubbles and geosciences who were making edible earths.

Crystal Growing Competition Update

To celebrate the International Year of Crystallography the School of Chemistry, at The University of Edinburgh, launched a crystal growing competition for schools. Over 20 schools from all over Scotland have signed up and will be carrying out crystal growing projects to present at our Competition Final Day which will be hosted at the School of Chemistry on the 26th September.