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Crystal Growing Competition Final

And the winners of our 2014 crystal growing competition were the pupils from???James Gillespie???s High School. Congratulations!

75 crystal growing kits and over 250 Kg of ammonium diphosphate have been distributed throughout the year to 33 Schools from all over Scotland. Our crystal growing competition came to an end on Friday 26th September when the participating schools were invited to present their best crystallisation projects in a conference-style setting to a judging panel of professional crystallographers.

Doors Open Day 2014

Tours of the building and drop-in activities in the foyer and museum proved to be a hit with all ages!

This year???s activities focused on two themes: the International Year of Crystallography and Sustainability. In the foyer, people were encouraged to build their own crystal lattices with Styrofoam balls (or jelly babies) and cocktail sticks, and explore the self-assembly of crystals using our Curious Crystals marble display. A simple demonstration of diffraction, with sieves and laser pens, was used to explain how crystallographers can work out crystal structures using X-rays.

Crystallography Matters!

To celebrate 2014 being the International Year of Crystallography, we invited researchers from a range of disciplines to talk about crystallography in their subjects and in their current research. Summerhall hosted us every Tuesday night between 13th May and the 24th June as we embarked on a remarkable journey in which we learned all about the fascinating world of crystals, from historical discoveries to today???s cutting-edge research. 

Murder Mystery Workshop

Upon arrival to the School of Chemistry the students taking part in our workshop were given the shocking news that a researcher???s body had been found in the lab.

With their help we were hoping to find out what had happened. Did he die from natural causes or was he murdered?

International Year of Light Ceilidh

On the 5th December a team of scientists and an award winning science ceilidh band collaborated to deliver a fantastic, light themed science ceilidh.

Diligent work behind the scenes was evident in the glittering transformation of the hall and the adventurous new dances. We put our guests through their paces with challenging routines to explain some complex scientific principles - yet each dance looked fantastic!