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Poster Prize in Japan

Rosinda Fuentes, from the Robertson group, won a best poster prize at the JSPS meeting Organic Electronics of Highly-Correlated Molecular Systems in Hokkaido Japan, for her poster ???Synthesis and Characterisation of Novel Hole-Transport Materials for Applications in Solid-state Dye-Sensitised and Perovskite Solar Cells.???

Well done Rosinda!


Over 120 chemists at different stages in their careers and from all over the UK and Germany attended the Anglo-German International Conference on Inorganic Chemistry (AGICHEM) meeting held from the 30th July to 1st August 2014. Lewis Fenton, 1st year PhD Student at the School of Chemistry, gives his account of the event.

Poster Prize for Alexander Group Student

Dr Martin Ward, a member of Dr Andy Alexander's research group, was recently awarded the prize for best poster at the annual CMAC Open Day. He describes the research that the poster is based on here.

My research is investigating the potential application of a laser-based method to cause crystal formation in a flowing solution.  We have designed and built a new experimental setup to study and monitor this.