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Poster Prize for Alexander Group Student

Dr Martin Ward, a member of Dr Andy Alexander's research group, was recently awarded the prize for best poster at the annual CMAC Open Day. He describes the research that the poster is based on here.

My research is investigating the potential application of a laser-based method to cause crystal formation in a flowing solution.  We have designed and built a new experimental setup to study and monitor this. 

Newton Fund PhD Placement Award

Claudia Garcia-Guzman, from Professor Mark Bradley's group, has been awarded a Newton Fund PhD Placement Award. The award will allow Claudia to spend time studying with Dr Kaustabh Kumar Maiti in Thiruvananthapuram, India.

Dr Maiti is an international expert in the application of SERS nanotags for cancer diagnostics. Claudia will work on the development of optical probes for lung cancer detection during her placement.

New MSc: Your Feedback Wanted

The School of Chemistry is considering launching a new postgraduate opportunity in the area of Computational Chemistry and Modelling. This would be an on-line programme aimed at students with any relevant Chemistry background keen to acquire in depth knowledge on Computational Chemistry and Modelling.