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Prizes and Awards

Fellowships for 2 Post-docs

We are delighted to announce that two post-docs in the Lloyd-Jones Group have been awarded very prestigious fellowships. 

Dr Alex Cresswell has been awarded a Royal Society University Research Fellowship (at Manchester / Bath)

Dr Marc Reid has been awarded a Leverhulme fellowship (at Strathclyde)

We will be sad to see Alex and Marc leave, but the School is very pleased for them and wishes them both the very best for their future careers.

Teamwork in Innovation Award

Congratulations to Dr Chris Mowat and his collaborators at Edinburgh and at GSK on being awarded a Royal Society of Chemistry Industry & Technology Award.

The Teamwork in Innovation Award, sponsored by Johnson and Johnson, recognises outstanding collaborations between industry and academia worldwide. Dr Mowat and GSK are involved in research to discover medicines for treatment of acute pancreatitis.

Higher Education Academy Fellow

Recent PhD graduate Nicola Bell has been accepted as a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy as a result of the teaching experience she gained during her doctoral studies in the School of Chemistry.

Nicola was one of the first recipients of the PhD development scholarship in Teaching in Higher Education, a precursor to the Principals development scholarships, which provides for PhD students to gain experience tutoring and lecturing have involvement in designing courses, writing and marking exams. 

RSC Prizes

Professor Guy Lloyd-Jones has been awarded the Tilden Prize for Understanding the mechanisms of many organo-metallic catalysed reactions and their extensive applications to organic synthesis.

Professor Euan Brechin has been awarded the Chemistry of Transition Metals Award for his innovative and imaginative work on the synthesis of polymetallic transition metal and lanthanide coordination complexes and the study of their magnetic properties.