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2 Awards for Our Students

Well done to Jianzhu “Cora” Wang (a PhD student in the Lusby group) who received a prize for her poster titled “Promoting Endo/Exo Diels-Alder Selectivity using a Simple Pd2L4 Catalyst” at the annual RSC Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry meeting  held at Lancaster University on on Tuesday 18th Dec.

Bacterial Imaging Probe is Safe for Patient Use

Tests on patients with suspected infections found the approach could detect bacteria deep inside the lung where other technologies fail to reach. Experts say the technology will enable bedside decision making in critically ill patients, helping to avoid unnecessary use of antibiotics. It could also help doctors to better monitor patients’ illness, so that treatment can be stopped once infection has cleared, or if alternative therapies are needed.

Chancellor's Fellowships

Building on the outstanding successes of our previous tenure-track Chancellor’s Fellowship programmes and our world class research performance, the College of Science & Engineering is investing in a further cohort of 10 next generation research innovation leaders of the highest quality with a particular focus on:

Virtual Reality Drug Design

Research by the Michel group and Interactive Scientific Limited has created new virtual reality software that could enhance drug design.

The technique uses molecular simulation software developed by the Michel group, in conjunction with visualisation using Interactive Scientific Limited's Nano Simbox. Combining the two pieces of software allows researchers to better visualise and understand the complex structures of proteins. This, in turn, could lead to a reduction in the time and money required to bring a new drug to market.

Poster Prize for Student

Congratulations to Giulia Novelli, a 1st year PhD student in the Parsons group, who has been awarded a poster prize in the IUCr Journals Applied Crystallography category at the European Crystallographic Meeting in Oviedo last week for her poster "Carbon Molecules in Space: a Thermal Equation of State Study of Solid Hexamethylenetetramine."