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Lord Kelvin Medal for Prof. Polly Arnold

Professor Polly Arnold has been awarded the Lord Kelvin Medal by the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

The award is a senior career prize. It is in recognition of Prof. Arnold's outstanding contribution to the field of synthetic chemistry through her world leading research on the lanthanide and actinide elements which has changed the way scientists think about these elements and particularly the behaviour of uranium's oxide dication which is a major component of nuclear waste.

Congratulations to Polly!

ERC Advanced Grant

Congratulations to Prof. Polly Arnold who has been awarded an Advanced Grant by the European Research Council (ERC).

The research programme, called f-ex  (f-block hydrocarbon interactions: exploration; exploitation), is for a five-year, 2.5M euro, blue-skies research project designed to explore subtle bonding interactions in f-block complexes to improve our fundamental understanding of their bonding and reactivity.

RSC Bob Hay Lectureship

Dr Scott Cockroft has been named as the recipient of the prestigious RSC Bob Hay Lectureship 2017.

The award lecture is given in memory of Professor Bob Hay, one of the pioneers of macrocyclic chemistry in the UK.

This prestigious lecture is given annually by a younger chemist working in the area of macrocyclic and/or supramolecular chemistry in its widest sense.

3 Minute Thesis Winner

Congratulations to Euan Doidge who won the Edinburgh University heat of the 3 Minute Thesis competition.  As well as being the judges' choice, he was the "people's choice".

The 3MT presentation title summary was "WEEE are Golden: metal recovery by solvent extraction", dealing with the use of chemistry for more efficient and environmentally friendlier processes for gold recycling from waste electronics.

Publication Awarded ACS Editors' Choice

A new publication published by Dr Michael Seery has been awarded ACS Editors' Choice.

Each day one publication from all American Chemical Society publications is selected. This article explores a framework for school practical work with a focus on development of practical skills and verbal discussion with teacher and peers. The study was conducted with Mrs Naomi Hennah of Northampton School for Boys.