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New Paper Finds Crystal Polymorphs of Trial Cancer Drug

Prof Colin Pulham and Dr Sumit Konar from the School of Chemistry recently collaborated with University College London and Eli Lilly and Company on a paper that has now been accepted in JACS. The paper details research that comnbined multiple methods to find the crystal structures of all 10 unsolvated polymorphs of galunisertib, which is currently undergoing trials as a cancer drug.

Structure and Motion Captured by Ultrafast X-rays

Dr Adam Kirrander and his team have published a paper in Nature Chemistry with collaborators at Brown University and the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. The experiment exploits the brightness and high time resolution of the new x-ray free-electron laser, LCLS in California, to capture the vibrational motion of an excited molecule in detail.

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Stoddart Prize 2019

Euan Doidge is the winner of this year's Norma and Fraser Stoddart Prize.

Euan gave a talk at the award ceremony entitled "WEEE are Golden: metal recovery by solvent extraction" which covered his research experiences and his passion for teaching and science communication.

Stoddart Prize winners are expected not only to have demonstrated superior research accomplishments throughout their time at Edinburgh but they should also have contributed to the life of students within the School of Chemistry and beyond.

Congratualtions to Euan!

Air Pollution in the News

Research on air quality by a team including Prof. Mathew Heal has been highlighted in the Guardian. The research shows that death rates have fallen over the last four decades as a result of reduced pollutants in the atmosphere.

However, the study authors also point out that more needs to be done. Prof. Heal is quoted as saying “People have to make sacrifices sometimes to fit in with legislation and it is good to tell the public that some of those sacrifices are having a benefit.”

Recycling Success

The School of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh’s Glove Recycling Scheme has just passed the combined total of 15,000 kg of disposable gloves and rescued them from going straight to landfill. The scheme started in late 2014. That is the equivalent weight of 2.5 T-Rex, 4.6 Orcas, 33 Polar Bears, 3000 Golden Eagles or 75,000 bumblebees!

Infographic showing what 15,000kg of gloves is equal to