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New Sensors Could Boost Radiotherapy

Research led by Dr Colin Campbell could help improve radiotherapy treatments for cancer.

The study used 3D cell cultures to better model the effect of radiation on human cancer cells. Gold nanoshell sensors were used to track the effectiveness of treatment and the study found that using 2 half-doses of radiation rather than one large dose was more effective in destroying the cancer cells.

The sensors give information in real time, allowing doctors to monitor the treatment as it occurs.

Associate Editor Position for Dr Seery

Dr Michael Seery has been appointed as Associate Editor of Chemistry Education Research and Practice (CERP), joining editor Prof Keith Taber from the University of Cambridge. 

CERP is the world's leading chemistry education journal, published quarterly by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). It is a journal for teachers, researchers and other practitioners in chemistry education. CERP is free to access thanks to sponsorship by the RSC's Education Division. 

IUPAC Poster Prize

Congratulations to Nicholas Dominelli-Whiteley from Dr Scott Cockroft's group who was selected from among around 100 poster presenters as a prize winner at the 23rd IUPAC Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry held last week in Sydney, Australia.

His poster was entitled "The energetic limit of cooperativity in H-bond chains."

The IUPAC conference is a biannual event which has previously been held in Durham and Ottawa.