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24 School of Chemistry staff nominated in EUSA 2021 Teaching Awards

The list of nominations includes 3 for recently departed Director of Teaching Michael Seery in 3 different categories.

Edinburgh University Students’ Association was the first in the UK to offer student-led Teaching Awards, which are now in their 12th year.  

Staff play a pivotal role in the student experience at Edinburgh, from lecturers and tutors, to supervisors and Personal Tutors, and professional services staff.

Edinburgh Teaching Award

Congratulations to School of Chemistry PGR student Ahmad Alsaleh who completed the Edinburgh Teaching Award Category 2, leading to Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. This is a significant achievement for a postgraduate demonstrator and reflects Ahmad’s extensive work in teaching in our undergraduate laboratories.

Scientist Next Door

Update 20th May 2020: To date the Scientist Next Door has hosted over 20 sessions and has been contacted by more than 30 families. Some 50 scientists from across the world have signed up to help, allowing the team to reach more households in the UK and abroad.

As of today, COVID-19 lockdowns are implemented in more than 160 countries around the globe, affecting over 90% of the World's student population. This impacts directly on children's education, removing an opportunity to learn through activities and interactions.

Chemistry Undergraduate Vocational Internships

Four fully-funded Chemistry Undergraduate Vacation Internships sponsored by Afton Chemical were offered at the School of Chemistry for the duration of eight weeks over the Summer 2019.

The Internships were very competitive this year, we had a large number of applicants. The awards were offered via application followed by the interview process. Successful students completed individual projects of their choice in the following research groups:

School Autumn Prizes Ceremony

Introducing the ceremony, Professor Michael Seery, Director of Teaching in the School, congratulated all winners and noted that the 2019/2020 ceremony was one of special celebration, as the School would be marking both the 100th year since the building of the Joseph Black Building as well as the first graduates of the Chemistry 2020 degree programmes.

Recycling Success

The School of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh’s Glove Recycling Scheme has just passed the combined total of 15,000 kg of disposable gloves and rescued them from going straight to landfill. The scheme started in late 2014. That is the equivalent weight of 2.5 T-Rex, 4.6 Orcas, 33 Polar Bears, 3000 Golden Eagles or 75,000 bumblebees!

Infographic showing what 15,000kg of gloves is equal to