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Taught Postgraduate Degrees

These exciting postgraduate Masters degrees consist of taught, advanced level, lecture courses, training in aspects of synthesis and analysis related to medicinal and biological or materials chemistry research and an opportunity to conduct high level research within one of the groups in the School of Chemistry.

MSc/Dip Material Chemistry

Materials Chemistry has emerged as an important sub-discipline within Chemistry. It cross-cuts the traditional Organic/Inorganic/Physical boundaries of Chemistry and overlaps many disciplines from Engineering to the Biosciences. Materials chemists now have a leading role in areas such as microelectronics, polymer science, catalysis and nanotechnology. They also make an important contribution to areas of more traditional chemistry such as the pharmaceutical sector where understanding the 'physical properties' of intermediates and products is now recognised as essential in optimising the synthesis and properties of pharmaceutically active ingredients in medicines.

MSc/Dip Medicinal and Biological Chemistry

Medicinal and Biological Chemistry, like Chemistry, requires a thorough understanding of molecules, their structures, properties and synthesis, but it also demands the chemical understanding of the nature of biological structures, from macromolecules to cells, the design of pharmaceutical materials in the laboratory and their function in clinical settings. The knowledge and skills acquired in the course will leave graduates well equipped to compete for positions related to 'drug discovery' in chemical, pharmaceutical or biotechnological companies.

MSc Sensors and Imaging Systems

Sensing systems are quickly becoming an essential part of a great number of industries, spanning a whole range of applications such as environmental monitoring, precision metrology and health care. In this industry-focused programme, students will be given the skills and knowledge to contribute to sensor related opportunities in companies working with sensor technology and applications.