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Public Engagement Development Scholars

Hannah Levene

Hannah is a 1st year PhD student working at Edinburgh Uni in Prof. Andy Mount's group, through the CDT in Integrative Sensing and Measurement. Her project is focused on developing nanoelectrodes for sensing in harsh environments. She loves sharing her passion for science, having previously helped at a disadvantaged school with a science teaching scheme and getting involved with lots of outreach events.

Her other hobbies include dancing and travelling. She is keen to continue this and was delighted to be appointed as a "Spectroscopy in a Suitcase" coordinator. Hannah is involved in training teachers as well as leading workshops for school pupil.

Kelly Gallagher

Kelly Gallagher

Kelly is a first year PhD student working under Dr Dave Clarke's research group. Her work focuses on using isotopic depletion strategies to simplify and in increase the sensitivity of Mass Spectrometry for study of biomacromolecules, particularly proteins.

Having been introduced to science public engagement by taking part in Brightclub in 2016, she quickly became involved in Public engagement within the School of Chemistry. Focusing particularly with regards to Primary and Secondary schools, making science accessible within their learning environment.

Ellie Tanaka

Ellie Tanaka

Ellie is a PhD student in Prof. Neil Robertson's group at the School of Chemistry. Her project aim is to synthesise new charge transport materials for application in post-generation solar cells. Her role in the public engagement team is to organise activities along with the School of Chemistry at science festivals in the UK. She is also involved in her research group's outreach project "The Solar Spark" to share her passion towards solar energy use in daily life.

Besides her research, she enjoys singing in a choir, playing the oboe and exploring new places.

Nikola Zotev

Nikola Zotev

Nikola is a PhD student in theoretical and computational chemistry in the Kirrander group. His project is in the area of molecular quantum dynamics of photochemical reactions.

Nikola's public engagement work is focused on gamification, i.e. turning science into a fun and engaging game. He is also a part of the School of Chemistry team responsible for carrying out activities at science festivals, where games could help facilitate discussions about important scientific concepts, and inspire curiosity.

Emily Goddard

Emily Goddard

Emily is a PhD student in the Pulham group. Her work focusses on improving the thermal cycling of salt hydrates for heat-storage applications, hopefully saving energy and money!

Emily will work with the RSC's Spectroscopy in a Suitcase project, running workshops in organising loans to schools to help introduce spectroscopy to school pupils. She is also a keen supporter of and Core Festival Volunteer for the Midlothian Science Festival.

Outside of science, she enjoys ballroom dancing and plays in the University's wind band.

Dominic Cairns-Gibson

Dom Cairns-Gibson

Dom is a PhD student in the Cockroft Group. His work focuses on bionanotechnology and his primary research interest is using nanopore technology to achieve single molecule observations of molecular machines and reaction mechanisms.

Dom has a lot of interest in teaching and working to expand the public’s understanding and appreciation of science. He has been a part of the public engagement team at the University of Edinburgh since the beginning of 2019.

Shona RichardsonShona Richardson

Shona is a PhD student in the Campopiano group. Her project focuses on engineering enzymes for industrial biocatalysis, with a specific interest in the family of adenylating enzymes.

Shona is eager to create fun and interactive experiences which will have a lasting impact and give kids the opportunity to learn, have fun and to explore different aspects of science. She joined the public engagements team as a member of the festivals team and has since helped organise activities that have been taken to science festivals and community events.

Ezra KitsonEzra Kitson

Ezra is a PhD student in Nicholle Bell’s group at the School of Chemistry. His project is using analytical techniques to understand the interplay between small molecules and microbes in governing the health of peatlands. Having grown up in a rural community, Ezra is passionate about ensuring science outreach is available to all and through public engagement hopes to inspire students to consider pursuing a STEM subject at university.

Outside of his research Ezra enjoys writing music and fishing.

Katie Grant

Katie Grant

Katie is a PhD student in the Lloyd-Jones group. Her work focuses on the mechanistic analysis of Ruthenium catalysed metathesis reactions, utilising physical organic techniques such as NMR and SF-UV Vis amongst others.

Katie will work alongside Emily as part of the RSC’s Spectroscopy in a Suitcase project, she hopes to help expand the number of schools involved in the initiative as well as develop new workshops. She is also keen to help with other outreach programmes.

Kyle Acheson

Kyle Acheson

Kyle is a first year PhD student in the Kirrander group, with a passion for understanding the physics of how atoms and small molecules behave on a fundamental level. His research involves developing theory that helps us understand the quantum nature of photochemical dynamics, hopefully allowing for the development of new technologies and improved engineering of photoelectronic materials.

As a member of the festivals team, Kyle is eager to share his passion for science with others through teaching and demonstrating interactive workshops in order to facilitate a greater appreciation amongst the public for the role of science in our daily lives, as well as hoping to inspire the next generation of scientists!