Chemistry Trail

The trail of chemistry.

Chemistry Trail coverAs part of our Tercentenary celebrations we created a Chemistry Trail to tale a look at the discoveries, revelations, and analyses have taken place all over the City of Edinburgh.

Everyday processes and objects which we take for granted in the 21st century such as pain relief, artificial refrigeration, vitamin supplements and the existence and understanding of molecular structures were all discovered here in Edinburgh.

You can either pick up a copy of the map at the School of Chemistry and at our Cradle of Chemistry exhibition at the George Square Main Library or download the map.

We will be distributing the map at other locations around the city and will update with those shortly.

The RSC's newest app, Places of Chemistry (which can be downloaded for free), captures any UK landmark that has made history in the chemical sciences.

This app now includes the places in our Chemistry Trail in Edinburgh, so you can also follow the trail with it.

Historical Notes

As you walk the Chemistry Trail you may be interested in a more detailed history of the School of Chemistry. You can find details of this and some more in-depth articles on some areas of our history at the links below: