Inspire pupils with these simple experiments you can try in the classroom.

They were developed by the Chemical Connection, a project that was based at the School of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh.

Beakers with chemicals

Blood Iron

How to make a chemical version of blood.

Ingredients for improved cannon firing

Cannon Fire

Increasing the flame with hydrogen peroxide.

Two beakers of cobalt chloride thermometer solution

Cobalt Chloride Thermometer

Making colour changes with heat.

Coins connected to form a battery

Costly Battery

Making a battery on a budget!

Solution under a lamp

Disappearing Solution

Now you see it, now you don't!

Cereal box

Eating Iron

Some foods have iron metal in them!


Flame Colours

Colourful fireworks contain metals.

Beakers with thermometers

Hot and Cold

Demonstrate exothermic and endothermic reactions.

Overflowing foam

Hydrogen Peroxide Foam

Make a big soapy mess with hydrogen peroxide.

Three jars containing coloured liquids

Indigo Carmine

Change the colour by shaking the jar!

Burning hydrogen

Making Hydrogen

Show how we could get a lot of energy from hydrogen.

Burning money

Money to Burn

Do you have too much money? We can help.