Book a Scientist

Book a Scientist is an initiative aimed at Primary and Secondary Schools to enrich the students' experience of their curriculum without having to leave the classroom.

Some of the book a scientist team

  • The class just learned about plastic? Why don't you talk with a polymer scientists?
  • The section on batteries and electricity just finished? Ask our local electrochemist!
  • Just completed the section on the Earth's interior? We have experts in high pressures for you!

Science teachers can look through our profiles and choose the Ph.D student who is the best match. Your chosen scientist will then set up a date with you to talk with your class for 1 hour through a Skype call.

Whether the school is 20km or 200 km from the University of Edinburgh, we'll be there for you!

Not sure about the scientist you need? Do you have a particular idea to discuss with us or an additional query? Just write to us!

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Scientist Profiles

Click on the pictures below to learn more about the Ph.D researchers that you can contact for Book a Scientist. Each profile will tell you more about who they are, what they do and their area of expertise.

Did you choose your scientist already? Pop us an email to talk with them directly!

Area of Expertise

If you already know what curriculum area you need your scientist for, maybe you prefer to look through this list to quickly find the most promising profile!

Of course, all of our scientists are competent and flexible and if you have a slightly divergent topic (usually accounted for in the scholastic CV as "Topical Science"), we are up for it as well.

Planet Earth

Giuditta  ~  Ugne  ~   Stefano  ~  Megan  ~  Jacky  ~   Veronica   ~   Paul   ~   Jamie  ~ Annabel Ed

Forces, Electricity and Waves

Giuditta  ~  Stefano  ~  Jacky  ~   Veronica   ~   Paul ~   Ed


Giuditta  ~  Ugne  ~   Megan  ~  Jacky  ~   Veronica   ~   Paul   ~   Sara   ~   JamieEd

Biological Systems

Annabel  ~  Dominic  ~   Ugne  ~   Stefano  ~  Megan  ~   Paul   ~   Sara