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Molecular Synthesis and Catalysis

This research area encompasses the synthesis and characterisation at ambient and extreme conditions of organic and inorganic compounds, including those with application in homogeneous catalysis, nanotechnology, supramolecular chemistry, drug discovery and ligand design. The development of innovative synthetic and characterisation methodologies (particularly in structural chemistry) is a key feature.

Research Themes

Catalysis and Molecular Design - homogeneous catalysis and the activation of inert small molecules, synthesis of complex natural products, drug discovery, chemistry of the transition metals, lanthanides and actinides, physical organic chemistry, reaction mechanisms.

Prof. P Arnold, Dr P Bailey, Prof. E Brechin, Dr A Hulme, Prof. Guy Lloyd-Jones, Dr J Love, Dr U Schneider, Dr S Thomas, Prof. D Vogt

Control of Functionality Beyond the Molecular Level - working molecular machines and complex supramolecular architectures, metal-mediated interactions, recognition and sensing.

Dr A Hulme, Dr Scott CockroftDr J Love, Dr P Lusby, Dr N Robertson, Dr U Schneider, Dr S Thomas

Sustainable Chemistry and Energy - molecules for energy harvesting and transformation, metal extraction and sensing, chemical conversions of waste materials.

Prof. P Arnold, Dr J Love, Dr N Robertson, Dr U Schneider, Dr S Thomas, Prof. D Vogt