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EaStCHEM Research School

EaStCHEM combines Scotland’s two top research schools for chemistry and is recognised for excellence in both core and interdisciplinary chemistry. The wide-ranging Research Themes of the School of Chemistry and its EaStCHEM partner reflect the relevance of modern chemistry to solving important global challenges and improving lives.

EaStCHEM ranked second in the REF2014 "Power Table" (out of 35) with 95% of our research papers classed as world leading or internationally excellent. Over 70 research groups work in an excellent environment for which all aspects rated as internationally or nationally leading.

Diagrams of atoms
The EaStCHEM School of Research is the largest in the UK
A molecular structure under high pressure
Our research covers a number of themes. Explore them all in this section.
The School of Chemistry has a wide range of research facilities. Along with our EaStCHEM partners at St Andrews we provide state-of-the-art instrumentation across all of our research areas.
The College has developed a Research Ethics and Integrity framework that suits its disciplines. The School of Chemistry follows this framework.