The essential goal of sustainable, affordable and secure energy supplies for everyone is a defining challenge of this century.

Chemistry plays a central role in the development and enhancement of new technologies that contribute to this revolution. Energy research within the School of Chemistry draws upon our expertise in core techniques such as electrochemistry, new materials, spectroscopy, structure, catalysis, computation and gas separation.

The broad scope of the energy challenge requires input across many traditional disciplines and we therefore collaborate with engineers, physicists, industrial companies, social scientists and others in the UK, EU and across the world. Within these partnerships, we apply our chemistry knowledge to focus on a number of key energy technologies including:

  • New materials for emerging solar photovoltaic technologies
  • Phase-change materials for heat storage
  • Separation of gases and utilisation of waste CO2
  • Greener nuclear fuel reprocessing
  • New materials for efficient hydrogen production (hydrogen evolution reaction)
  • Graphene composite electrodes for supercapacitors

The coordinator for this theme is Prof. Neil Robertson. Any general enquiries should be directed to For more specific enquiries please refer to the members list below.