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Dr Amanda Jarvis

Dr Amanda Jarvis

Christina Miller Research Fellow

Room 287

University of Edinburgh
Joseph Black Building
David Brewster Road

Research Interests

Catalysis, artificial enzymes, organometallic chemistry, sustainable chemistry, ligand design.

Research Overview

My research is interested in the application of biological architecture to the design of transition-metal catalysts, to develop highly selective catalysts for ‘unnatural’ reactions such as direct C-H amination. I am fascinated by the opportunities that artificial metalloenzymes offer in terms of enhancing selectivity and reactivity of reactions, whilst also offering routes towards more sustainable chemistry. The long terms aims of the group are to develop more sustainable catalytic chemistry, either using more abundant and easily accessible metals or improving the atom efficiency of the overall organic transformations by going towards the activation of small molecules - CO, nitrogen, ammonia.

I am interested in obtaining a well-rounded understanding of the catalysts and their reactions, and thus study catalyst development from a number of different perspectives such as enzyme engineering, inorganic/organometallic catalyst development and the application of these catalysis in chemical synthesis.


Artificial Metalloenzymes

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  3. M. V. Doble, A. C. C. Ward, P. J. Deuss, A. G. Jarvis*, and P. C. J. Kamer, Catalyst design in oxidation chemistry; from KMnO­4 to artificial metalloenzymes, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, 2014, 22, 5657-5677.

C-H Amination

  1. J. Buendia, G. Grelier, B. Darses, A. G. Jarvis, and P. Dauban, The Multiple Facets of Iodine(III) Compounds in an unprecedented catalytic auto-amination for chiral amine synthesis, Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. 2016, 55, 7530-7533.
  2. B. Darses, A. G. Jarvis, A.-K. Mafroud, G. Estenne-Bouhtou, G. Dargazanli, and P. Dauban, Asymmetric synthesis of amines through rhodium-catalyzed C-H amination with  sulfonimidoylnitrenes, Synthesis; Practical Procedures Paper, 2013, 45, 2079-2087.
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