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Dr Dimitrios Kampouris

Dr Dimitrios Kampouris

Research and Teaching Fellow

Room 109

University of Edinburgh
Joseph Black Building
David Brewster Road

Research Interests

Electrochemistry, Microelectrode arrays, Carbon electrodes (electroanalytical and energy storage applications) , Screen printing, Inkjet printing, POCT devices, forensic and environmental sensors;

Research Overview

Our research interests include the development of electrochemical sensors for on-site applications (including industrial, food technology, environmental, health and forensic applications). Screen and inkjet printing technique, will be used for the fabrication of cheap, easy to use, portable and disposable electrodes.

The utilization of the two fabrication techniques give the advantage of modifying the composition of the working electrode material (e.g. carbon ink modified with enzymes, metal composites, carbon allotropes or organic compounds) in order to enhance the electroanalytical performance of the sensor, as well as to adjust the architecture of the 3 electrode system (such as the arrangement of the working electrode (WE) vs the reference and the counter, the shape of the WE (circular, polyhedral, trigonal, band etc), or the fabrication of a multi WE sensor, which can also affect the electroanalytical performance of the sensor.


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