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Dr Gordon McDougall

Dr Gordon McDougall

Dean (Quality Assurance), College of Science and Engineering Senior lecturer in Physical Chemistry

Room 264

University of Edinburgh
Joseph Black Building
David Brewster Road

Research Overview

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Course Organiser for Chemistry 1A/1B
  • Chemistry 3P Physical Chemistry laboratory classes and the year 4
  • BSc
  • Science Education Placements in local schools.

As the Dean (QA) I am a member of the senior academic management team for the College of Science and Engineering. I am responsible, in particular, for quality audit and assurance for all undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in Science and Engineering. I chair the College Quality Assurance Committee and I am a member of the College Learning and Teaching Committee and the Senatus Quality Assurance Committee.

I lecture on Chemical Equilibria in Chemistry 1A, Surface Chemistry in Materials Chemistry 2, Global Energy Resources in Environmental Chemistry 2 and on Surface Properties of Materials and Environmental Aspects of Catalysis in the year 4/5 MChem programmes.