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Dr J. Olof Johansson

Dr J. Olof Johansson

Royal Society of Edinburgh/BP Trust Research Fellow

Room 289

University of Edinburgh
Joseph Black Building
David Brewster Road

Research Interests

Ultrafast spectroscopy of molecular materials, molecular magnetism, thin films, photoinitiated electron dynamics in carbon nanomaterials

Research Overview

Our aim is to understand how light can be used to probe, and eventually control, electrons in magnetic molecular materials. We study ultrafast photophysics of a range of large transition metal complexes with exchange-coupled electrons, ranging from single-molecule magnets to magnetic coordination polymers. Our goal is to explore ultrafast spin dynamics in molecules with several magnetic centres and we work closely with theoreticians and synthetic chemists.


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  2. Photoinduced dynamics in an exchange-coupled trinuclear iron cluster F. Liedy, R. Shi, M. Coletta, J. Vallejo, E. K. Brechin, G. Lefkidis, W. Huebner, J. O. Johansson, J. Magn. Magn. Mater. 501, 166476 (2020).
  3. Observation of excited state absorption in the V-Cr Prussian blue analogue, L. Hedley, M.D. Horbury, F. Liedy, J.O. Johansson, Chemical Physics Letters, 687, 125 (2017).
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  5. Electrochromic Thin Films of the V-Cr Prussian Blue Analogue Molecular Magnet, L. Hedley, N. Robertson, and J. O. Johansson, Electrochim. Acta 236, 97 (2017).
  6. Directly probing spin dynamics in a molecular magnet with femtosecond time-resolution, J. O. Johansson, J.-W. Kim, E. Allwright, D. Rogers, N. Robertson, J.-Y. Bigot: Chemical Science, 7, 7061 (2016).
  7. Probing Excited Electronic States and Ionisation Mechanisms of Fullerenes, J.O. Johansson and E.E.B. Campbell, Chem. Soc. Rev. 42, 5661 (2013).
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