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Dr Stephen P Thomas

Dr Stephen P Thomas

Royal Society University Research Fellow

Room 223

University of Edinburgh
Joseph Black Building
David Brewster Road

Research Interests

Catalysis, organometallic chemistry of 1st row transition metals, mechanism, small molecule activation, reductive functionalisation of alkenes

Research Overview

Our work focuses on the development of new catalytic methodologies for organic synthesis using non-toxic, environmentally benign and inexpensive reagents and catalysts. Ultimately, we aim to provide the non-expert with operationally simple methods for the construction of complex molecular frameworks. Underpinning this is a keen interest in physical organic chemistry and organometallic mechanism to understand and probe the fundamental reactivity and interactions of our developed methods.

Current area of research include; 1. reductive alkene functionalisation using iron catalysts and frustrated Lewis pairs 2. iron-catalysed hydrogenation. 3. small molecule activation using frustrated Lewis pairs.

Overview of Thomas research